Who we are

Our reality stems from Gianluca D’Erasmo desire, a young oenologist and agronomist deeply connected to his land, to offer products that depart from the conventional way of making wine in the Marche region, while always keeping in mind the territory’s vocation, deeply rooted in our philosophy. Hence the choice to exclusively vinify native grape varieties, some of which have been rediscovered and revalued, yet with a touch of innovation.

Our work, our passion.

The winery is located near Offida, a wonderful medieval village rich in history, culture, and tradition, which gives its name to the denomination of some of the finest wines produced in the heart of Piceno. We produce around 10,000 bottles per year; the choice of having a limited production allows us to carry out our work in an artisanal manner so that we can dedicate the best care to our wine.


Offida Pecorino DOCG

Marche Rosato IGT

Marche Sangiovese IGT


Always at the forefront of environmental sustainability, D’Erasmo Company can boast of managing its vineyards with certified organic methods since the early 1980s. Numerous practices are implemented to reduce our impact on the environment: from not using synthetic herbicides and pesticides to cultivating cover crops for green manure, from preserving biodiversity through refuge areas for beneficial insects to optimizing the use of pruning waste.

Our work

The wines, whose production is meticulously overseen by the producer personally, are highly distinctive, and their taste reveals the typically varietal component preserved by non-invasive winemaking practices. Efforts are focused on preserving the sensory heritage, resulting in a true explosion of aromas in the glass.

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